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Do you find it difficult to see which of your business activities add the most value to your organisation? Are things at work not quite as clear as you'd like them to be? Are people always asking where to find something?

At Libreea we will work closely with you and your team to identify what your core business activities are and help you outline these so they are more transparent to you, your customers and other stakeholders. Making business activities clearer helps your business become more efficient and effective.


Is it hard to decide which area of your business you should be putting the most effort into? Are you trying to gain accreditation with an industry standard and not sure what's needed? Or where to start? Are you often pulled from pillar to post but never able to stay focused on a task?

At Libreea we work with you to help you know where to start and evaluate what's most important. We help you outline what your priorities should be in order for you to achieve your goals.


Do you feel like you're working in silos, and nobody knows the right way to do things? Are you struggling to adjust to modern ways of working? Are you finding that your work environment is draining energy rather than generating it?

At Libreea life balance is really important. We work with you to make sure you are approaching your business activities in the most effective and positive way. We work with you on employee engagement to ensure you deliver against your business goals with the commitment of your staff.

Prioritising and streamlining your core business activities will help you create the time to explore the more innovative sides of your business and new opportunities that will grow from this. Providing a balanced working environment ensures a positive, motivated mindset which helps deliver customer satisfaction and a top quality service.

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Victoria Hormigo

Managing Director

Paul Elson-Vining

Principal Consultant

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Our Partners

Triasters Vision

It can be hard to improve your organisation, particularly to embed a culture of sustainable improvement. Triaster's mission is to make it simple.

How they work: Empower your team, manage your processes and cut out business waste with the four pillars of continuous improvement. Triaster have been solving Business Process Management problems for companies such as Microsoft, National Oilwell Varco, Balfour Beatty and HomeServe for well over twenty years.

See our full range of Triaster Services here

We are working with Process Bliss, a company that provides software to help businesses embed, manage and improve their processes. For each workflow, the software creates a checklist of steps which are then fully auditable at a later time. Users can upload documents and record why steps haven’t been completed. They can also create templates for processes that ensure consistent and repeatable results every time.

If you need help to getting your process checklists implemented and embedded, Libreea can help create these workflows and provide strategic support on how to best promote a process and improvement culture within your organisation.

Take a look at Process Bliss here

Accredited Courses

Would you like to obtain an accredited Lean Yellow and Green Belt certification? We are working with the University of Winchester to promote these courses.

Accredited by LCS (Lean Competency System) to offer lean training at 2 levels: they can also offer Lean Leaders Training.

Lean Foundations - Yellow Belt

A one-day introduction to Lean, providing the skills and tools needed to be able to make independent contributions to improvement projects and to run small projects. Provides a set of comprehensive tools which can be put to immediate use in day to day activities.

Lean Practitioner - Green Belt

A two-day course giving an enhanced knowledge of lean principles and how they can be applied. Provides a comprehensive overview of the R-MDAIC approach to running improvement projects and introduces a range of relevant tools and techniques. On completion of the two days attendees are asked to identify, run and document an independent Continuous Improvement Project.

Take a look at University of Winchester here

One of the key skills you will benefit from in conjunction with process mapping is business analysis. Meta training provide a variety of courses at differnt levels accredited by the British Computer Society to provide industry recognised qualifications. Metadata Training has been delivering training in business analysis, systems development, agile and project management for over 25 years. They work with JP Morgan, Thomson Reuters, Vodafone, Reed Elsevier and other global companies to develop their staff to deliver more business value. Through Metadata training, thousands of professionals have gained professional certifications from accredited bodies.

Please mention Libreea when speaking with them

Take a look at Metadata Training here