Our Team

Victoria Hormigo

Managing Director

Victoria founded Libreea to support her in her desire to continue work and deliver success with businesses, whilst juggling parenthood. Libreea has a refreshing approach to business. The heart of our business is very simple, to deliver knowledge, support and success to our customers.

Paul Elson-Vining

Principal Consultant

Paul is Libreea’s Principal Consultant. He has over 15 years of experience in process mapping and improvement. Paul works tirelessly with customers to help make processes clearer. His patience and perseverance helps you prioritise and bring focus to your next steps.

Jenna Hills


Jenna looks after all of Libreea’s accounts and onsite bookings. Her supportive and helpful character means no job is too much to ask. Her attention to detail and task focus provides a solid administrative backbone for the rest of the team.

Michael Cousins


Mike has a wealth of industry, technical and leadership experience. He loves getting involved in positive, disruptive change and can provide clear strategic and analytical insights into goal setting and goal achievement.

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