“The trainer was great – really kept your attention and having both the case study and real-life process to work through was really helpful. He made you think about the high-level processes being no more than 4-5 steps (which being a detailed person was good for me to focus on). Also, learning to avoid Yes/No decisions will be useful. Focussing on the input/output keeps things on track. All in all, I now feel able to go ahead and start mapping our team processes. Looking at the “value add” analysis will be really useful as a team/department.” A valuable course and good to have a standard best practice for the firm.”

Team Leader – Support and Operations/Governance

“I found it very useful, the course itself was at the right level that anyone from the business could attend and take something out of it. If there were similar sessions I’d certainly recommend them and seek to be in attendance.”Operations and Governance Analyst

“I really enjoyed the process training course, it was very interactive, practical and beneficial due to mapping one of the ReAssure processes.”

Project Lead Change Management

“I took away from the session a clear perspective on best practices i.e. always be clear on scope before you commence, be aware of the start and end points of the process you are mapping and the audience you are pitching to, to determine if it’s a L1 or L3 etc. Plus, focus mapping on activities and ensure each has an output, try and avoid decisions to reduce complication. The Paul who facilitating the workshop was fabulous he had a great presence and quirky ways of getting you think differently.Change Management Analyst

“I found the Process Training to be extremely beneficial and I have taken a lot away from the two sessions I attended. Paul from Libreea was professional and had a quirky, fun way to retain attention, whilst delivering key information, knowledge and his experience to the group. I am hoping we can have further training sessions alike this in the future – I really enjoyed it!”

Resource Management Analyst

“Libreea came in and mapped all of our process. They captured all the processes for technical and practical fire safety, and literally went through every basic thing we do. From when we do fire safety audits to fire safety complaints, licensing, enforcement – the whole scope was covered. They effectively interviewed all key players that we could identify, and Paul using his skills as he very, very cleverly does, starts off from a position of knowing absolutely nothing – to by the end of it probably knowing more than our own staff about the process and what we do!

Jess James – Group Manager Project Lead for Protection