Victoria Hormigo

Victoria Hormigo

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Victoria founded Libreea to support her in her desire to continue work and deliver success with businesses, whilst juggling parenthood. Libreea has a refreshing approach to business. The heart of our business is very simple, to deliver knowledge, support and success to our customers.

With over 10 years of experience Victoria’s projects have involved working strategically with businesses to understand their challenges, supporting global deployments across all business sizes. She excels in highlighting business priorities, generating effective actions plans and aids in the successful adoption of strategies to ensure the achievement of business objectives.

The Libreea ethos is to promote a flexible, supportive and balanced approach to our customers’ needs. We have an understanding that addressing some business challenges can be like opening Pandora’s Box and that trying to implement a change can often can feel like pulling teeth. Libreea offers a fresh approach to tackling these issues.

As the challenges in business are ever changing Victoria supports and encourages the continual professional development of her team in these areas and is herself studying for an MBA at Henley Business School.