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3 U's of a Process Library

The team at Libreea have worked with the Triaster Process Library platform for many years and this article reflect how a library can be used. Libreea specialise in Faciitation of process capture and process mapping,

Business Analysis

At Libreea, we can utilise different ways of working depending on the client requirements, but one platfom we have a great wealth of experience in is produced by one of our partners, Triaster. Written by Micheal Cousins, this article explans how the platform can be utilised to analysis a process not just to map it.

Business Process Terminology The Ultimate Jargon Buster

Are you interested in learning about Business Process Management but getting lost in the terminology and numerous acronyms? We’ve put together a list of the phrases and associated definitions that are often encountered when either researching a new Business Process Management system or undertaking a Business Process Improvement initiative.

ISO 9001:2015

Some Real expert help from Mark Braham CQP, FCQI Head of Business Assurance at The AA, is a CQI category A liaison at ISO/TC176, the international working committee responsible for writing ISO 9001:2015. He provides his insights on The intention behind the latest update of the ISO 9001 standard and the requirements of a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015

Successful Process Mapping

Michael Cousins PhD, FCQI, Managing Director of Triaster Limited is the primary author, In this article he has simply tried to pass on the insights, wisdom, experience and understanding that Triaster’s staff and customers have displayed to me over the years

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