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Working with those who are elderly, vulnerable or at high-risk can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. But it can also be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with the challenging behaviour of the people you care for. Crisis Prevention Institute (or CPI) work closely with anyone who works in a care environment, from care homes for people with dementia, to hospitals or schools with special needs spaces, training staff recognise potential aggressive behaviour and how to manage it before a crisis point. The work CPI do falls under the umbrella of training in behaviour management, and they have been doing it for a long time now. Like most companies, they are looking to grow, and recently purchased a company called Pivotal Education as part of that growth plan. But with that purchase came a set of challenges, including how to integrate the two businesses effectively when they had two very different ways of doing things. That’s where Libreea came in.

Learning From Past Experiences

Libreea were brought in to help CPI understand and manage the merger process with Pivotal Education. But this wasn’t the first time CPI had purchased another training company:

CPI is a growing business. We bought a business called Positive Options in 2010, and we ran the two businesses separately for around two years before we merged them. During that time we tried to pull bits of the different businesses and strategies and sell the training program together, taking a bit of the CPI current programme and a bit of the Positive Options one and putting them together. But we learned through this process that both organisations ran so differently even though they were competing for the same customers. The actual processes and systems each one used were all different, and it was a big change for everybody involved to try and decide which one to use, what was the best system, where we should go and how we should merge. So when we purchased Pivotal Education we were armed with that knowledge and we wanted to learn from that.”

Working With Libreea

To avoid repeating their previous issues, CPI decided to bring in an expert to help them understand what the processes were for each business, and the best way to bring them together efficiently. After a recommendation from one of their other suppliers, Libreea were brought in to run workshops and produce comprehensive process maps.

“We needed someone with expertise who could kind of deep dive into the processes of Pivotal Education so that we could bring the two together properly. We wanted to have a good understanding of what the outcomes of the processes they currently did so that we could make sure we weren’t providing them with substandard systems to work with. We couldn’t do that until we know what the lay of the land was, and what moving forward would look like. That’s where we needed somebody to really be able to speak to the people involved and give us a very high-level overview of what was happening. Not necessarily about saying what was being done wrong, but just where there could be improvements.”

“We had a consultation with Paul and Victoria from Libreea about what we were trying to achieve, and they were really good at dragging that out of us and help us understand what we were really trying to do and how to get there. They then created a plan to help us achieve what we wanted to know. We started with the finance department, which had already started to integrate, and it was a complete and utter change for Pivotal. Since there was some push back and some points of conflict happening, Libreea decided to hold a workshop where the focus of  the scenario was all about finance, and ran it for both sets of employees from both businesses.”

“That workshop was great because they actually gave some of the employees in CPI a better understanding of our own processes as well. Paul started by speaking to some of the finance team here get a bit of an overview of the daily tasks that they go through, and delved deeply into the work processes of Pivotal. He then spoke to every employee in every department about what they were doing on a daily basis, pulling out all of the little things we wouldn’t have thought of and delving really deeply. Once he was done, he went away and presented us with a report and a set of process maps.”

The Other Side Of The Table

Of course, CPI are specialist trainers who spend their days training people. But all trainers need training themselves, and CPI returned to Libreea for a training course on process mapping. So we really wanted to know how these training experts felt about being on the other side of the table and receive training themselves.

“Speaking as a facilitator and trainer, they were really, really good. Paul was really engaging; he had a lot of patience and he was very good at teaching us without spoon feeding us. Instead he pulled out the information he needed and was very open to questions being asked and challenges being posed, so everyone could get a real and full understanding of not only what we were doing, but why we were doing it. It kind of clicked for us on the fourth day, and we understood the point of process mapping and why you need to ask the questions and know what your core outcomes are before you put your systems into place. Paul demonstrated how everything worked, and if there was an issue would change and adapt the training to make sure we did actually understand it by the end of the five days. It was a really intense five days!”

“Now we’ve got a greater understanding, a that’s because that was a particularly good training event.”

We asked CPI for a few final words on their experience of process mapping and training with the Libreea team:

“I found them really approachable. Paul as a trainer is excellent. He has lots of little extra bits of information that he always gives out, and it keeps the course flowing. Victoria was great – she kept us updated with the process, what will happen, and everything happened just as she said. When we did the bigger deep dive and talked about the report, they gave us a date and it was delivered at that time – and we couldn’t ask more than that. It was a very positive interaction with everyone, and we wouldn’t have engaged with them a second time if it hadn’t been so positive. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

At Libreea we are dedicated to helping businesses and public organisations ‘see the wood for the trees’ and really understand the processes that go on every day. From process mapping and identifying gaps, to generating workflows and creating new procedures, our team can bring clarity and understanding to your business processes. If you would like to find out more about how Libreea can help your organisation better understand your processes, please get in touch with us today.