Different types of process software

Process software

Often processes are a naturally evolving aspect of a business. Very seldom do businesses create processes at the point that they start their business. Yet several critical business processes exist from the get-go, such as accountancy processes, delivery processes, credit control processes, IT processes. Before you know it, you have a varied set of processes which are key to how your business is running. It is very common in business for these processes never to be officially documented until the time comes when you realise the processes may not be fit for purpose any longer. You may want to grow your business, become compliant with a standard, acquire another business or even sell your business. At any of these points, and many others, you will need to demonstrate you know what your business processes are, having them documented then would have tremendous value. 

There are many products on the market which have been designed to help capture processes. It is best to align with a platform which will add value to your business. Libreea work with a variety of businesses all of whom have different reasons why they want to capture their processes and be able to share and use process information across their business. In order to get the most benefit from your processes, it is sensible to align a software with the values and benefits that you want to see in your business from understanding and capturing your processes. Because there are many reasons for working with business processes there are multiple process software’s that you have the choice of.

Here are 3 of the ones we believe have multiple benefits to offer you when you capture your process using them. All platforms help to visually enhance your processes and communicate them better.


A collaborative, online tool which enables your teams to share their ideas and discuss process openly in interactive facilitation sessions.

Use Skore if you want:

      • Collaborative creation space 
      • Interactive facilitation online
      • Limited shapes in your process flow

How Skore Works


A Visio based mapping tool which can be shared through the web. Easy to map in and capture process data.

Use Triaster if you want:

      • To easily identify RACI in processes: who is responsible and accountable for a task
      • Cross-functional processes: able to navigate from one handover point to another seamlessly
      • Identify risk

Triaster Process Navigator


A Step by step process task tool. Create templates which can be interactively updated by anyone across your business.

Use ProcessBliss if you want:

      • Process tasks that can be allocated to people
      • Interactive decision steps
      • To differentiate between optional and essential process steps

Find out more about ProcessBliss

Libreea can provide short online sessions on each of these platforms should you wish to learn how to use them more proficiently and effectively. Please contact us to learn more or book on to one of our 1-2-1 FREE process review consultations.