Free Online Process Review

Free Online Process Review

If you are looking to improve your business resilience, we are providing the opportunity of a FREE 1 hour consultation with one of our consultants. We can take you through the considerations and structure of reviewing processes and provide guidance on how you can document your processes and make them accessible to your teams.  

We are able to do this at a generic level so that you do not need to share confidential IP with us.  

And don’t worry if you haven’t got any documented processes – we can help you with where to start. 

Libreea are specialists in business process. We understand what makes a process work and can also identify gaps in the process you may have, along with guidance on how the process can best be manged, shared and accessed. Select a time slot from the table below


*Libreea are not experts in the content of you processes and cannot provide legal advice with any compliance requirements. This free of charge service is provided to help you understand how to approach process and the value of the output that is produced.