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Over our many years of working with processes, we’ve developed a lot of knowledge and experience in using and supporting business processes management systems to give business owners clarity, focus and balance.

But sometimes, one or two sessions just aren’t enough.

So for businesses who need a little more ongoing support, we designed our managed services packages. This ongoing retainer can be used to focus on whatever element of your business you need, when you need it. Whether you need help mapping out each process in your business, mentoring people within your business to manage processes, or just get some support and advice for compliance and audits, our experts are on hand to help you. This gives your business the flexibility to deal with challenges as they come up. Armed with the right information and support, your business can run smoothly, become more productive and even make more money.

We can offer a wide range of services within our managed services packages, so you can pick and choose whichever service is most valuable for you and your business. These services include:

      • Process discovery workshops
      • Process awareness workshops or roadshows
      • Software training
      • Process or system audits
      • Gap analysis
      • Facilitation training
      • Mentoring
      • Ad-hoc process updates

Process Support Packages

Tier 1: £700 per month

1 full day of support every month.

Perfect for companies who have multiple mapping projects on the go at once, and need some help keeping up with all of them. The most common services used at this level include discovery workshops, process updates and awareness sessions.

Charged on a monthly retainer basis.

Tier 2: £365 per month

1 full of support every 2 months.

Ideal if you tend to have one mapping project going on at a time, instead of piling on the pressure! Get support in discovery, mapping and mentoring when you need it, ensuring your projects run smoothly from beginning to end.

Charged on a monthly retainer basis.

Tier 3: £260 per month

1 full of support every 3 months.

If your company is stable and ticking along nicely, but you need a hand keeping things up to date. A lighter approach than Tier 1 and 2, this package gives you support in updating documents and forms, keeping up to date with changes in legislation and making edits to improve existing processes.

Charged on a monthly retainer basis.

Bolt-On Packages

If you find that our managed services packages are covering around d90% of what you need, you can always opt for a bolt-on package. These have been specifically designed to enhance our managed services packages, and can be used to boost your support as and when bigger projects come up. They make support much more affordable in the long run, and can be used across a 12-month period.

These include:

      • 5 days: £825 per day
      • 10 days: £800 per day
      • 20 days: £750 per day

*Please note that these prices do not include expenses for site visits, which will be charged separately.