Introducing Nazca Services

We are often involved in projects where something is going wrong and it often ends up being traced back to the sales process. One of the most common workshops we facilitate is to understand what is being sold and where the had overs are to the rest of the business.

Would it not be really helpful if you could leverage your team and CRM system at the same time to work together?

Libreea have teamed up with yet another software service provider that can help you  ‘systemise’ your sales cycle

You probably have a CRM system, maybe even tools to support your sales team strengthen their sales pipeline and forecast accurately. However, is your sales pipeline slipping? Do you need to grow your sales revenues? Or are you considering how to increase the average deal size without increasing your headcount?

The Nazca Services Sales Pipeline Development Platform can help, and we’ll get you up and running within an hour.

We can also integrate with your CRM systems, such as Salesforce, or any other system. Need to improve collaboration between sales and supporting sales colleagues? Our integrated messaging services will improve internal communications helping to strengthen your sales pipeline.