Who are S.O.A.R

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S.O.A.R. has been a long standing vision of the founders, having studied Geography & Sustainability at University it was only a matter of time before a brand needed to be created to challenge existing Strategy, Business & Commerce principles. 

A vision that until now has been just a concept in which Ben (the founder) finally felt that it was time to do something positive and make an active change in the attitude of individuals and businesses through innovating new ways of thinking about systems and processes.

Also looking to reinvent the consumption economy from cheap quality, wasteful and temporary to High Quality, Reusable & Long Lasting.

We are a collaborative, forward thinking and innovative brand and are looking to work and collaborate with like minded individuals and companies. 

We have a team of sustainability consultants who will work with your business to implement long-lasting and creative processes which will be continually monitored to ensure future success.

time for change