Process Mapping Training

Process Mapping Training

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All good process mapping projects start with Process Discovery. Without a clear plan of what is to be mapped, with sporadic areas of mapping being performed but not completed and no concept of an end to end process being considered thus dooming the project to failure with no clear returns. Once you have a plan and have clearly identified the processes it is time to get them in a tool.

We have found over the years that using something like BPMN is great for Business Analysts or IT but not necessarily for end users. We have found a methodology that a Business Process Management platform called Triaster uses called noun-verb is especially effective.

Our customers find it beneficial to have attended one of our Practical Process Mapping workshops first to really understand the methodology.

Our one-day starter software skills class will have you creating process maps in Visio using Process Navigator. During the day you will learn

    • A practical walkthrough of an end to end process
    • Configuring Process Navigator
    • Basic Visio Skills and shortcuts
    • Naming Shapes and editing text
    • Drilling down on a process
    • Orphans
    • Finding and fixing problems
    • Hyperlinking to Documents, Forms and websites
    • Data Capture
    • Linking Processes
    • Finding and fixing problems
    • Generating next level processes
    • Running Report from within Process Navigator

We also can run bespoke sessions onsite, please contact us for further information

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