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Process Discovery

Many businesses have undocumented but accepted working practices. In a time of constant change in the market place, with new technologies and regulations emerging, it is essential that an organisation has a good understanding of its processes and procedures, so it can efficiently adapt.

Businesses are now finding documenting and maintaining a common and consistent approach to the processes they perform adds value to their organisation. However, they often lack the appropriate resource to turn this into a reality.

We can support you with facilitated workshops that will reveal the processes, leaving you with a clear set of process maps that can be used to support your business.

Our process discovery packages start from £850

Process Mapping

Many organisations have processes and procedures scattered across their networks in a variety of formats, making processes difficult to follow from one function to another. We can take your current documentation and produce a set of processes and procedures in a clear and consistent, easy to follow format with the potential to provide access and process clarity to all of your business users.

Our conversion packages will vary depending on the project. Please contact us for a quotation.

We can provide a proof of concept conversion for documentation provided, from £550 (offsite)

*All service packages include project scope and definition discussions prior to engagement. You do not need a process mapping platform to utilise our services. If you currently have a preferred platform we are happy to use this for the project. For bespoke projects and work focused on the implementation of processes, please contact us directly

ISO 9001:2015

Libreea can support you with an array of services to prepare for and obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This ranges from those who are transitioning from the 2008 standard or are brand new to the certification. We can provide gap analysis, process mapping and auditing services to support your certification requirements.

Our service packages for ISO 9001:2015 support start from £1,600

Support with GDPR Compliance

For support and understanding which of your business processes handle personal data and are affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Libreea and it’s partners offer a range of services that can take you from capture of processes to full Compliance for the regulation. Libreea have Consultants who are GASQ GDPR Practitioner Certified.

Compliance reviews start from £1,100

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