Libreea have many years of experience facilitating workshops and creating process maps covering a wide variety of industries and services. We use many platforms to achieve our customer’s objectives and have created a showcase of process maps using one of our partner’s systems – Triaster

Click on the image below to take you to an interactive library. Not only can you view the processes, but if you use the search and report menus, you can take a different view of the maps – by Process Owner and responsible person performing the activities. We can capture any required data set against each of these shapes and present it as a report.

Process Mapping Reports

For our larger projects, we also produce reports providing written feedback on the processes we have created with stakeholders who were engaged with the workshops.

All of our processes are numbered which make it easier when referring to processes from other documents. These reports not only contain feedback and observations but also copies of the process maps and any supporting data that was captured.

Sample Report Extract


The Team have an end to end process that describes the main activity of conducting site visits. There are also other disconnected processes which support secondary activities. There are a number of clear gaps where the current process is not sufficiently understood. These relate to:

  • Workstream A – Now that there is no internal support for this activity nearly all stakeholders were unclear what should be done or who should do it
  • Workstream B – Should they be used and if so how should they be applied?
  • Workstream C – How should these be applied and what is the process for doing so?

This report supports the process maps which have been provided separately in hard copy, Visio and HTML formats so they can be viewed easily. The methodology that has been followed is that of Deliverables and Activities, sometimes referred to as Noun-Verb. The deliverables are shaded in blue and the activities in white rectangular boxes on all of your process maps. Every activity needs a trigger to initiate it so there must always be a deliverable before an activity. The activity must also identify which role (team/people) performs it. The activity must also produce something, therefore there must always be a deliverable after an activity. The deliverables are what join the whole process together and enable the flow of activity across an organisation, end to end. Documentation which supports the activities through this end to end process are stored with the process maps.

As part of the project we have been asked to look at the usage of CRM in addition to other systems that are in use. Our full analysis can be found in the Appendix at the end of this report but this high level chart identifies all the activities analysed

Workstream A Processes

PRO-000 Workstream overview

This is a high-level summary of all the processes and has been driven by the data within them. It allows navigation to any area of the whole end to end process.

  • No process for Output A
  • No process for Output B

PRO-001 Conduct a joint visit

This process is only operated from one location. It is unclear which what triggers the visit to take place

  • Is it applicable to any other site?

PRO-002 Conduct an onsite visit and record outcome

There is a wide range of methods that are using to record audits. Engineers are using a mixture of:

  • Completing the full audit report while onsite
  • Completing only the relevant parts
  • Not completing the hard copy form at all (but making informal notes)
  • Using an unofficial ‘walkaround’ sheet (various versions)

Appendix 1: Activities where a Management System is being used during the Workstream end to end process

MapActivity NameApplicationProcess OwnerLevelProcess Number
Workstream OverviewEnter Workstream audit findings in Management System and identify outcomesManagement SystemQuality Manager1PRO-000
Workstream OverviewProcess a Workstream audit finding identified as compliantManagement SystemQuality Manager1PRO-000
Workstream OverviewProcess a Workstream audit finding identified as deficientManagement SystemQuality Manager1PRO-000
Conduct a joint inspectionClose job and service in Management SystemManagement SystemQuality Manager2PRO-001
Conduct a joint inspectionCreate Service in Management SystemManagement SystemQuality Manager2PRO-002
Conduct a joint inspectionWrite up findings in Management SystemManagement SystemQuality Manager2PRO-002
Conduct a joint inspectionSend a formal letter with findingsMicrosoft WordQuality Manager2PRO-002
Enter Workstream audit findingsEnter data from Audit form and other notes into Audit SystemAudit SystemQuality Manager2PRO-003
Process a Workstream audit finding identified as compliantClose job and service in Management SystemManagement SystemQuality Manager2PRO-003

Appendix 2: Roles identified as performing activities throughout the Workstream process

  • Inspection Officer
  • Office Manager
  • Originator
  • Vision Management System