Strategic Planning

Strategic support for business processes, transformation and change

Are you a business or project owner who is responsible for understanding, creating and refining the processes which ensure your business or project run smoothly? 

Processes and the core activities which are carried out to enable businesses and projects to run are continually subject to change due to multiple variables such as customer requirements, changing technologies, reliance on time and resources. 

Libreea understand that processes aren’t often at the forefront of a business or project owners mind. That’s why Libreea are launching a high-level support and mentoring service. 

This service will offer days of support per week,  month or on an even more flexible ad-hoc basis, where our consultants will be able to learn the processes within your business or project by working closely with the owners or project mangers and Heads of Departments. Libreea will be able to help with the following:

    • Process discovery – awareness of how you are currently working
    • Process optimisation – focus on where you could make improvements for efficiencies/cost savings and productivity
    • Strategic process changes – where process awareness and change becomes ingrained in to the growth strategies of business and adapts to project changes

If you are interested in learning more about this service and how Libreea could support your business or project in a mentoring capacity providing structure and advice on all things process please contact us on 

In the first instance we would arrange a meeting with you to discuss your business or project and provide a short, honest recommendation based on our discussions and whether we believe Libreea would be able to add value to you and your business or project.