Miggins and Miggins Company Background

Miggins and Miggins Company Background

miggins and miggins
Founded in 2004, Miggins and Miggins are a Professional Services consultancy who conduct onsite inspections and provide clients with a report of their findings.

The Company was the brainchild of David Miggins who started it with his wife Sarah. In the early years, Sarah took care of administration, sales and back-office functions and David took care of all the onsite work. The company have grown organically over the years and has a ‘Whatever it takes to get the job done’ approach. Sales have been growing steadily over the years but recently have plateaued and there has been a reduction in repeat business.

Company Structure

The company organigram is shown on the next page. The Operations Director position is currently vacant after the previous position holder had an unexpected windfall and left without notice. David used to look after Consultancy Team and has stepped into the role to ‘do what he can’ but the way the team operate is now very different to how he used to work in the early days.

Miggins and Miggins organisation chart

miggins org chart