Miggins and Miggins Sales Team

Miggins and Miggins Sales Team


The core purpose of the functions is to process new business, add it to the system and pass all the required information to the Consultants that will deliver the work. Sales orders are received via the online portal, telephone sales and hardcopy/emailed orders.

There is some written documentation in the department this includes:

  • MM1072 Customer Order form
  • Miggins and Miggins Customer Order Form
  • MMCSTC01 Terms and conditions
  • Recharging expenses Guidance
  • MMCSP01 Sales Order Processing Procedure

There is friction with the sales team from most other functions, especially Finance, with repeated requests to find the salesperson who put the order on the system to clarify details of the sale and the recharging of expenses.

As a function, Sales has a high turnover of staff. Some investigation work has been done to find out why this is but has been inconclusive but anecdotal feedback has been that staff are not sure what they are responsible for and who is doing what and when.

MMCSP01 Sales Procedure

All employees must follow this procedure in accordance with the type of order being processed and the requirements of the sale. Approval must be obtained from the relevant Director if deviating from the process.

We require all orders to have signed terms and conditions from the customer. For existing customers, we should have a copy on file. If one is not present send a copy to the customer and obtain a signature before proceeding with the order. This is not necessary for orders received via the online portal as there is a checkbox for the customer to digitally sign.

Transcribe order details from verbal/written order onto the customer order form. This must then input into the Sales order processing system. New customers must be credit checked before proceeding to book the order to a consultant. Credit checks are conducted by Finance but are only actioned upon request.

We will always charge expenses to the customer in accordance with the expenses guidance document. An estimate of expenses should be provided to the customer prior to confirmation of the order along with a confirmed visit date. It is the responsibility of each employee to check the availability of the consultant before accepting the order. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Dates can be found in the shared calendar in the common drive. Please use the right web browser for viewing the calendar as it may not appear correctly

Before an order is passed over to operations for processing the following details must be added to the order and placed in status code ‘SOR – Sales order raised’

  • Order number
  • Site address
  • Contact name
  • Requested date – (must allow 2 weeks from the current date)

If any details are unclear seek guidance.

MMCSS02 Terms and Conditions

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MMCSR1932 Recharging Expenses Guidance

All expenses are to be recharged at cost. We charge all our customer’s expenses except for those who have an exemption clause in their contract. Currently, only the following customers have an agreement in place:

  • Urban Arboretum
  • ASR Limited
  • G&J Facilities
  • Grover S.A.R.L.

All orders must have a line item with an estimate of expenses added to them to enable charges to be successfully applied. The following items are valid expenses:

  • Hotel and subsistence
  • Business Mileage
  • Airline Tickets
  • Train Tickets
  • Consumable items used during the visit (Disposable test samples, Disposable PEE)