Top tips for working from home

Working from home

Long before COVID-19 people have been home-working but now it’s become the forced reality for much of the workforce.

For some it’s a luxury, whilst others dread it. Right now, whether you like it or not it doesn’t matter, we are being forced to adapt and incorporate it into our daily lives.

I was first thrust in to the ‘joys’ of home-working when I returned to work from maternity leave in 2017. Not only to go back to work, but to go back to work running my own business.

It quickly became apparent that home-working required discipline and it was much easier to adapt to when I set myself a standard practice and created systems and processes to support me with this routine.  I have included my top tips to kick-start your home working. It’s not rocket science, but it often helps to have it out there in broad daylight for all to see.

For many workers, it won’t be natural for them to think of their work activities as being part of a bigger picture across a business or organisation. However, processes are fundamental in business and every activity someone is carrying out in a business forms part of a bigger, broader process. Over the next few weeks these processes will be tested more than ever before.

Maintaining consistency with them will be essential and if they need to be adjusted, this should be done as soon as possible. Communication and collaboration across your workforce will be paramount in achieving this. With people now working remotely learning how to achieve this communication and collaboration in a remote environment will be key to your success.

Over the coming weeks Libreea will be hosting weekly webinars to share good practice and educate on business processes and why understanding and adapting your businesses processes will be critical for your business at this challenging time.

TOP TIPS for Working from Home
Get up and get ready to go to work like normal
Don’t sit in your PJ’s all day or put the washing on! .
Just because your work environment has changed you should stick to regular timetable such as breaks and lunchtime.
Set Daily Goals
Make a list of 5-8 commitments you will complete each day
Have regular calls
Arrange a call with your team/fellow employees to check in with everyone. Tell them what you plan to do that day and/or what you have achieved already. Great for accountability – it will make you more productive!